Integration that’s integral

Integral to your recognition and employee voice workflow success is having an Employee Experience Platform that seamlessly integrates with your HRIS and everyday workplace applications. With our ever-expanding integration partner network, it is easier than ever to use our solution right in the tools where great work happens.

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Seamless integration

Seamless integration

Work happens wherever employees are; recognition and engagement actions need to happen there, too. By promoting participation and cultivating inclusivity into the flow of work, Achievers Integrations not only integrates with your HRIS system and everyday workplace applications, it extends the value of your employee engagement strategy and increases employee belonging.

We go with the workflow

Achievers HRIS integrations and Open API approach touch on the full employee experience and allow recognition to encourage desired behaviors across familiar enterprise social media platforms, health & wellness, learning management, performance management, and other popular workplace apps and productivity tools — making recognition pervasive throughout an employee’s daily routine. Extend Achievers Employee Experience Platform into your daily workflow, now!

Achievers HRIS integrations and Open API

HRIS integrations

Achievers is a Workday Certified Solution Partner. Recognized as an experienced software partner, Workday integration allows sharing of employee and recognition data between platforms, creating a smoother experience that keeps both systems in sync great for a more holistic view of each employee.

Achievers has connected to many HR systems and our platform is built to receive data from any number of systems including ADP, Ceridian, Oracle and others.


Open API

The Achievers Open API approach enables the Achievers platform to integrate with your everyday workplace applications including Outlook, Teams, Slack, and Zoom to name a few, bringing real-time recognition to life simply and seamlessly. Achievers Integrations provides employees with a literal platform through which to recognize one another’s efforts and give feedback to their supervisors; right within the flow of work!

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Achievers Recognize

Recognize within everyday apps, right where great work happens

Integral to your success, Achievers Integrations enables you to fit recognitions and employee voice in the flow work —seamlessly! See for yourself.

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